Kind Solutions offers only top quality lab tested flowers at the lowest prices. From couch locking Indicas to soaring flavorful Sativas Kind Solutions has the product to fit every patients needs. Here is a list of some of the growers and breeders we work with:

Emerald Stash, Bizybee Farms, Coastal Diamonds Collective, Eric GreenThumb, Juice Factory, Terp Circle,Big Cheese 707

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Kind Solutions offers the highest grade lab tested concentrates available. We offer Dry Sift, Ice Wax, Rosin, from the best local concentrate makers including:

Elevated Medibles, Kind Extracts, Humboldt Organic Collective

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Kind Solutions provides the finest medicated edibles in the universe, made in Humboldt County with love and light, now delivered to your door. We offer products from:

Space Gem, Arcana, Emerald Alchemy & Golden Dragon

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  1. How do I turn the forms in I am a 225 holder an id like to order some of the nectar I live here in Humboldt thanks in advance

    • Hi Maria! Our site is currently under construction. Hope to be online shortly. In the meantime, you can call to make arrangements. I’m going to email you the patient information as well.

    • The $15 charge is calculated at about .40 cents per mile for a nearly 40 mile round trip.40 cents per mile is between what is allowed for business or personal. The type of non-profit we are, does not allow us to deduct any driving expenses.

  2. Hello,

    I saw that you can fill out the Patient Registration Form online, and you will come to me to do the rest. If I am unable to print out the other needed document, does this include you all bringing it to me to fill out? Additionally, I noticed on weedmaps that it stated all outdoor is $125 an oz, however, some of the outdoor strain prices don’t seem to match that. Is that pricing still valid? Thank you for your time!

    • Hi T.J.,
      We can bring any and all forms to you to fill out in person. No problem if you can’t print them out at home. At this point in the year, the outdoor at that price is almost gone.

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